Message from the President

Dr. Ansel Pace
Dr. Ansel Pace

We are glad that you are considering Foothills Theological Schools as an option for the continuation of your preparation for our
Lord's work. Our program is designed to provide a technical or practical approch to quality Christian Education.

We are a closely knit family at Foot Hills Theogogical Schools. We care for you, your family, your work and your ministry.
Our office door is always open to your needs. Your professors have been carefully chosen for their academic ability, their doctrinal beliefs, Christian character, and their compassion for others. These Christian leaders desire to help you grow both mentally and spiritually.

You are now starting a journey which can be rich and meaningful to both you and those whom you serve. Make a great investment by getting the best education available at Foothills. Your personal effort will play a large part in making this journey meaningful and enjoyable.

We know that study is hard but our hope is that you will grow and improve your Kingdom work for the glory of God. Enjoy the journey! Let's share the excitement as Foothills grows. To God be the Glory, for the great things He is doing.

Foothills Theological school now has an extension campas in Great Falls SC. The extension follows the same schedule as the main campus. We opened Monday August 29 with seven students, with a few more who are interested in joining soon.

It is truly a blessing from God that prople in the Great Falls area can study for the ministry without having to travel a great distance. The address for the Great Falls campas is 467 Forest Lakes Circle, Great Falls SC, 29055.

Contact person is Marty Roberts at 803-209-3120.

Dr. Ansel Pace