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A coaching & training program that drives unmatched sales & marketing results.


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Improve the competencies and close rates of your sales organization.

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Web design, development & training for your team.


HubSpot Mastery

Everything you need to get the most from HubSpot.

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AI Enablement Mastery

Unlock the power of AI in all aspects of your revenue operations.

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Learning Center

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How Does IMPACT Compare to Other Options?
There are multiple ways for you to grow your business with inbound marketing, so how does IMPACT stack up against the alternatives?
Option 1:

IMPACT vs. a traditional inbound marketing agency

You're looking to drive revenue from inbound marketing, and you want to choose a partner who can get you the results you need. You have thousands of agencies to choose from, and we know our unique approach may not be right for every business. We're not here to tell you we're better than the traditional agency, but we believe in what we do and drive great results for our clients.
Services offered Services offered


IMPACT is not an agency in the traditional sense. We approach the relationships with our clients as your guide. Specifically, we guide your company to build internal sales and marketing expertise and implement They Ask, You Answer. Our programs are finite, specifically designed so you don't need to rely on an agency long term.

(Not sure what They Ask, You Answer is? Start here.)

We help your team build competencies in these areas:

  • Producing content that generates revenue
  • Filming videos that shorten the sales cycle
  • Tracking sales and marketing ROI with a tool like HubSpot
  • Teaching your sales team to integrate content into the sales process
  • Creating a beautiful website optimized to produce revenue
  • Guiding senior leadership to create and maintain a successful inbound culture

Our model is great for companies who are frustrated with relying on others to dictate their success. They want to learn how to take control of their lead generation and improve their sales process. This includes investing in the necessary hires and tools.

Traditional inbound marketing agencies

Inbound agencies exist so that you don't have to do the work. You hire a traditional inbound agency so their experts can help you save time on marketing asset creation, and save money on hiring and training an internal team.

You hire them on a monthly retainer indefinitely, they deliver a certain number of assets or hours of work per month, and you have regular check-ins with your account manager on progress.

Types of work traditional agencies do:

  • 90-day marketing plan creation
  • Content development
  • Messaging strategy creation
  • Email marketing
  • HubSpot portal management
  • Buyer persona creation

This model is a good fit for some companies, however, others are unhappy with the results they see with its type of agency because the work they get back doesn't "sound like us" and lacks authenticity.  This results in slower content production, labor-intensive editing, and constant back-and-forth with your account manager.

Your experience Your experience
Sales enablement Sales enablement
Cost Cost
Return on investment Return on investment
Option 2:

Doing it on your own

Some companies we talk with choose to go it alone, and that's okay. While some do experience success, we've found that most DIY inbound marketing initiatives struggle to get off the ground for two main reasons: A lack of internal buy-in and diminishing commitment. Without a plan, a coach, and training, most programs fizzle out within a few months. Having an external team ensures buy-in, accountability, and faster progress.
Option 3:

Doing nothing at all

We call it "paralysis by analysis." Business leaders read so many articles and talk with so many agencies that they come away with conflicting strategies and tactics. They end up not knowing who to trust, so they never move forward. Doing nothing means you won't waste money on the wrong plan, but doing nothing also means you won't make progress and see results.