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Building a True Culture of Inbound with They Ask, You Answer

More than any other time in the last 100 years, buyers and customers today have made a dramatic shift in the way they make purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, many companies haven’t adapted to this shift and are not prepared for the continual evolution of the “new digital customer.”

In this keynote filled with real-world takeaways, Marcus Sheridan, named by Forbes "1 of 20 speakers you don't want to miss", brings clarity to the ways buyers have changed. 

You'll learn actionable steps on what companies must do to align themselves with this shift in purchasing patterns, specific content and messaging to close sales faster, how video is drastically impacting the buying process, and how to leverage technologies in the digital age.

If you're a business leader, marketer, or sales pro—this one's for you.

A New Way to Compete & Win

HubSpot's CEO Brian Halligan dives into his theory of "experience disruption" and how even smaller companies can achieve it.
Presented by: Brian Halligan​

How to Show Your Content Makes Money with HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hubs

Day in and day out, you're busting your little booty to get revenue-generating content produced and published. As the days, weeks, and months roll by, you see the numbers tick up. You see how content is being used throughout the sales process to close deals. But you still struggle to get the rest of your company to see those wins and be excited about content. If this sounds familiar, this session is for you. In this tactics-packed session from IMPACT Editorial Director Liz Moorehead, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at her favorite hacks, tips, and tricks for using HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hubs to measure content marketing ROI. You'll also learn her time-tested processes for reporting on those wins so that everyone in your company — including sales — catches the vision of how content makes money for your company.

How to Ace Your Video Sales Calls

Learn how to eliminate awkward video sales calls, forever. In just 45-minutes get the ultimate checklist to run engaging, effective video sales calls that close more deals. 

The Most Costly Lies We Tell Ourselves About Our Business Websites

In theory, your business website is supposed to be your most profitable virtual employee -- closing deals left and right without ever needing a vacation, sleep, or lengthy pep talks about their growth and career. It’s more important than ever that this be true, yet too many of us are our own worst enemy, actively standing in the way of this powerful revenue-generating vision from becoming a reality.
In this takeaway-filled keynote from IMPACT Editor in Chief Liz Moorehead, you’ll learn:
  • how business leaders and digital marketers just like you are unwittingly undermining the money-making potential of your website
  • the simple and powerful ways you can immediately increase the revenue potential of your business website, no matter what industry you’re in

The State of Virtual Selling: Where We Are, Where We’re Going, and What You Need to Do Next

As the massive shift in the world of sales continues in a post-COVID marketplace, the rate of change is stunning to even the most forward-thinking organizations. In this powerful keynote by Marcus Sheridan, you’ll receive the latest insights on how buyers continue to evolve and what this means for sales organizations-- B2B and B2C-- as we look ahead to the future. If you’re looking to stay in front of the competition while being pushed to think much, much bigger regarding virtual selling, you won’t want to miss this insightful opening keynote.

How to Get Marketers to Create the Money-Making Sales Enablement Content You Need

Ah, your marketing team. No matter how many times you yell from the top of your lungs that you just need sales enablement content – not “fluffy,” brand awareness-building content – they just don’t get what you’re looking for… and in some cases, you may not know what to ask for or what they need from you to make your dreams a reality.

In this behind-the-scenes breakout from IMPACT Editor-in-chief Liz Moorehead, you’ll learn how to communicate with your marketing team so you can finally get the sales enablement content you need. You’ll also learn precisely what they need from you to make your deal-closing content a reality the first time, so you can stay focused on selling.

The Visual Sale

More than ever before, consumers are demanding more video. Reading about a product, service, or company is no longer enough. Today, buyers want to see it and most organizations have struggled to show it. In fact, many have no idea as to how or where to get started.

Enter: The Visual Sale.

This session based on the book, will show you, in simple, clear, and actionable terms, exactly how you can build a culture of video and start "showing it" moving forward, ultimately leading to a dramatic improvement to your sales numbers, marketing strategy, and overall customer experience.

Join authors of The Visual Sale, award winning marketer and author Marcus Sheridan and marketing leader and video strategist Tyler Lessard, to learn practical advice and step by step instructions to selling over video - no matter how much you hate watching yourself on the screen (we promise) and how to integrate video into your content strategy.

How to Get Your Community to Know, Like, and Trust You with Video

Get the day started with this energetic session by Marki Lemons Ryhal in which you'll learn how to:

  • Create authentic, relatable, relevant video content.
  • Describe how to raise money with engaging video content.
  • Summarize content that can be extracted from one video.

Workshop: Making Virtual Selling Work in Your Organization

Spend an hour with IMPACT’s coaches who bring digital sales and marketing to life every day with companies across a variety of industries. They’ll show you exactly what you can do to make virtual selling work in your organization.

The “Seller-Free” Buyer Phenomenon: How Buyers Want to Control the Sales Process in the Digital Age and What Businesses Must Do About It

This is a re-airing of one of our most popular sessions from Website Optimization Summit 2020. 

It's 2021 and buyers want to control the sales process. Regardless of your business or industry, you have to adapt to the way buyers want to make purchases now. So what is a seller-free sales experience? Does it mean the end of salespeople? Find out exactly how you can optimize your buyer's experience with self-selection tools, pricing tools, and more so you can close more deals faster.

How to Run Powerful, Profitable Content Brainstorms with Your Sales Team

No matter what industry you’re in, the key to creating undeniably profitable sales enablement content that drives traffic and leads, and closes more deals faster is the same – your sales team must be a key player in your brainstorming and content strategy development process. But what needs to be true in order to have your sales team unabashedly excited to take time to brainstorm content ideas with you, the marketer? And what are the secret facilitation and question-asking techniques you need to know to get what you need from sales?

In this talk from IMPACT Editor-in-chief Liz Moorehead, you’ll learn the battle-tested processes, tools, and tactics to run sales enablement content brainstorms that not only yield revenue-generating content, but also leave your sales team feeling empowered and excited. You’ll also learn Liz’s favorite hacks and tips of the trade for facilitating conversations that help you reach your goals, and bring you and your sales team closer together.

Scaling Trust: How to Become the Go-To Thought Leader of Your Entire Industry

Are you “doing Inbound”, aka digital marketing, but not reaching the level of success you’d like to achieve? Do you ever feel like you could do more but you’re just not sure what that looks like? Or are you finding that it’s a struggle to get everyone in your organization engaged in the Inbound efforts? If so, you’re not alone, which is exactly why Marcus Sheridan will share the secrets of highest performing digital sales and marketing programs and how they’ve managed to climb to the top of their industry-- and stay there as well.

How to Make Your Sales Videos Look and Sound Great Without Breaking the Bank

Adding video into your sales process isn't just a "nice to have" but a must have in the current climate. The word video is often associated with a big price tag, but that shouldn’t be the case with video for sales. In fact, you can make your videos look and sound great without breaking the bank.

Join Myriah Anderson and Stephanie Baiocchi as they share tips on:
-Getting the best shot
-Sounding great without a teleprompter
-Creating click-worthy video thumbnails
-Setting up a great background
-Choosing a video tool

All of which you can do with little to no budget!

The State of Video Sales and Marketing 2021 and Where to Go Next

As the massive shift in the way people want to buy continues, video is no longer an option for businesses - it’s a requirement. In this powerful keynote by Marcus Sheridan, you’ll receive the latest insights on how to use video to grow revenue, how buyers continue to evolve, and what this means for organizations-- B2B and B2C-- as we look ahead to the future. If you’re looking to stay in front of the competition with video and take immediate action on what you learned today, you won’t want to miss this insightful closing keynote.

In a Post-Pandemic World, the One Thing Not Going “Back to Normal” is Video

One year ago, the pandemic left us all scrambling to dream up new digital sales and marketing strategies as a means to not only hit our goals but also (for many us) to avoid complete catastrophe. Crisis, however, is often the precursor to innovation. For example, we saw countless business owners and sales professionals find new and creative ways to leverage video and virtual selling as a means to transfer their more traditional, in-person experiences (sales conversations, brick-and-mortar purchasing, trade shows) to an online environment. We also saw marketers fully embrace video in digital content and on their websites as a way to educate, build trust, and foster true human connection in a time of social distancing and sometimes isolation. Today, of course, there is hope. Social distancing rules are relaxing, travel restrictions are lifting, and more. But there is one thing that will not change – video. In this inspiring keynote from IMPACT Editor-in-chief Liz Moorehead and IMPACT Digital Sales and Marketing Coach Zach Basner, we’ll candidly discuss what we learned about video through the pandemic, what great success stories and innovation came out of it, the true role of video as we move forward, and what we all should be focusing on next. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your On-Camera Talent

What do first-time videographers — or videographers looking to spruce up their skills — need to know about establishing trust immediately with subjects so the videos they produce are amazing right out of the gate?

As a videographer, your number one focus is to know your gear and how you run a production inside out and backward. Because, when you get onto a location, your focus and your attention needs to 100% be on making the person that you're interviewing feel comfortable.

If you're not focused on that and you're tinkering around with cameras and dealing with all sorts of other stuff and trying to do it simultaneously, it's not going to work out for you.

In this session, Alex Winter will teach you how to establish trust immediately with on-camera talent to make them feel as comfortable and as confident as possible.

How to Genuinely Feel Confident, Be Likable, and Build Trust On Camera

One year ago, Liz was someone who viewed being asked to film as a form of severe punishment. She preferred to be considered a writer first, felt awkward on camera, and often joked she had “a face for radio.”

Flash forward to today, Liz now leads IMPACT’s video program, which includes filming up to three videos every single week for use on our website, on YouTube, and in the sales process. Not only do these videos get big results, she loves filming now. So, what changed?

In this brutally honest, secret sauce-filled talk, learn the real story of how Liz overcame her crippling fear of being on camera, her favorite battle-tested techniques for creating super engaging educational videos, and her behind-the-scenes strategies for being more confident AND likable on camera.

How to Add Video to Your Entire Sales Process

What is the best way for YOU to start implementing video into your sales process? This session is for salespeople that want the actionable steps on how to get started selling with video. By the end of this session, you'll learn how world-class companies have implemented video top-to-bottom, and where you should get started with your own sales process.

Specifically, we'll cover:

  • Everything to define before adding your first video to your sales process
  • How to determine where it makes sense to start video for your situation
  • The best practices for EVERY sales video you make
  • What the best of the best are doing with video, and how it's transforming their business

Fundamentals of Highly Effective Sales Communication

Do you ever feel like the only thing you can do to get your buyers to understand you is to talk louder? Could the way you're communicating potentially be the issue? In this session we'll go over what effective communication looks and sounds like, some common pitfalls to effective communication, and how you can set the conditions for great communication.

The 12 Keys to Giving a World Class Video Sales Call

There are video sales calls, and then there are GREAT video sales calls. The question is: Which of the two is your sales team more consistently giving to customers right now? If they’re like most, there are many opportunities for improvement, which is exactly what Marcus Sheridan will be showing in this session. If anyone in your organization is doing video sales calls, this will be CAN’T MISS.