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HubSpot Mastery

HubSpot Training

HubSpot Mastery Made Simple: The IMPACT Way

While many businesses all over the world use HubSpot, few have the necessary skills and capabilities to leverage it in a way that transforms their sales and marketing. With IMPACT’s one-of-a-kind Hubspot Training program, you’ll learn to master the software, implement it seamlessly, and dominate your market in ways you never thought possible.

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Jessica Palmeri, HubSpot Certified Coach, walks through everything you need to know about HubSpot Mastery.
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“Not only is it worth the investment, but IMPACT's overall customized approach and strategy to training is far superior to anything else.”
Chris Garnett
Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, PartnerMD
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“Having a partner like IMPACT who really understands not just the HubSpot platform, but what it's there to do, and who helps companies with their marketing and really comes together in a way that's just amazing.”
Steve Mindrup
Senior Manager of Marketing, Schellman
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“The training is a collaborative approach that allows for really, well-rounded knowledge of HubSpot. IMPACT tailors it to what you need to learn and what's best for your company.”
Isabelle Braeutigam
Marketing Manager, Custom Built Design & Remodeling
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The Difference Between “Using” HubSpot and “Mastering” HubSpot

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Watch the Overview

As with anything in life, a tool is only as good as the hand that wields it.

Such is the case with HubSpot. Despite its extreme popularity and seemingly unlimited features, most organizations are dramatically underutilizing the tool and its capabilities. Because of this, they’re wasting money, seeing less ROI, and falling short of their sales and marketing goals.

If you’re on this page, it’s likely that you haven’t yet mastered HubSpot, and are experiencing one, some or all of the following frustrations:

  • You've made a significant financial investment in the HubSpot software, but aren’t seeing the return.
  • Your team doesn’t know how to leverage HubSpot effectively for sustained sales and marketing performance.
  • You struggle to make changes or customizations within HubSpot due to its complex interface or limitations.
  • Your HubSpot setup doesn't align with the evolving needs of your business.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of features and options.
  • You struggle with integrating HubSpot into your existing systems and workflows.
  • You're unsure how to use HubSpot to measure and analyze the impact of your marketing and sales efforts.
  • Your sales team isn’t fully adopting HubSpot or using it correctly.

A Proven Approach to HubSpot Mastery

  • A Proven Framework: There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to mastering the use of HubSpot. Instead, we’ll teach you a framework that has worked time, and time again with hundreds of businesses around the world.
  • Marketing AND Sales Expertise: Getting the most out of HubSpot means that BOTH of your revenue generating teams (marketing AND sales) have fully adopted, are proficient in, and are working on the platform, together.
  • Unleashing Your In-House Potential: Mastering HubSpot means that you and your team have all of the necessary knowledge and expertise to leverage the platform on your own which means you can say “goodbye” to your reliance on outsourced agencies or contractors for support.
Benefits & Expected Outcomes

Take Ownership of Your HubSpot Portal

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Watch the Benefits & Expected Outcomes

Once your internal team is fully capable of  leveraging all aspects of HubSpot, you can expect benefits and outcomes such as:

Self-Sufficiency & Cost Savings

By insourcing and training the right talent in-house, you’ll never need to be reliant on an outsourced agency to manage your HubSpot portal for you. AND you won’t need to be saddled with ongoing high monthly retainers.

Adoption Across All Departments

We’ll work with your sales AND service reps to ensure that they can properly translate their existing day-to-day processes into a new approach that best utilizes HubSpot, and actually saves time, energy, and effort across the board.

Better Communication and Collaboration

When your team is using the CRM correctly (with complete and accurate data that tracks the entire customer journey across marketing, sales, and service), leaders can have a true sense of what’s going on with customers and prospects.

Better Data, Better Decisions

With complete and accurate information at your disposal, your leaders can make data-driven decisions from up-to-date dashboards to optimize strategies, refine campaigns, and identify areas for improvement.

Meet the Demand of Today's Customers

Today’s modern business not only needs to embrace modern CRM platforms, but it’s expected by today’s modern buyers who want a unified experience from initial sales conversation to final purchasing decision and ongoing customer support.

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“Our sales team now uses our CRM to learn about the client journey from start to finish. They know how to tailor their communication and the content they give to the clients.”
Isabelle Braeutigam
Marketing Manager, Custom Built Design & Remodeling
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“The benefits I saw from the HubSpot training was having the right person trained from day 1; this was extremely important for our business so we could continue to function and start innovating as soon as possible.”
Chris Garnett
Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, PartnerMD
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“Our folks got trained to do this in an ongoing manner. So we didn't have to go and engage a third party again; we had the access, the power, and the knowledge.”
Steve Mindrup
Senior Manager of Marketing, Schellman
HubSpot Services

A Comprehensive & Flexible Program that Supports Every HubSpot Need Within Your Organization

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Watch the HubSpot Services Overview

HubSpot support at IMPACT can take many forms (and that’s by design). We know that getting the most from your HubSpot investment isn’t a “one size fits all” approach. Here are a few of the ways our team can ensure you reach your long term goals:

Onboarding & Portal Setup

You've invested in HubSpot to centralize your marketing and sales. Now comes the setup and team onboarding. How do you avoid wasting time and money, and ensure long-term success?

As part of our training program, your dedicated HubSpot Coach will both guide you AND provide hands-on support through each step of the setup process:

  • Team Setup, Permissions & Integrations
    HubSpot will be connected to your existing website, new users will be added with the right permissions, and the necessary integrations from the HubSpot marketplace will be installed to assure proper data collection.
  • Customization
    We’ll build a solid, architectural foundation where all business-critical information is collected via custom properties at each stage of your buyer’s’ journey
  • Automation
    We’ll help your team leverage automation to ensure the right information is tied to the right CRM records, and that information flows seamlessly from one area of the tool to the next.
  • Training
    A regular training schedule will be set so that all front-line users know how to efficiently and effectively accomplish their day-to-day tasks within HubSpot.
  • Reporting
    Baseline reporting will be established, giving you and your team a solid understanding of your company’s sales and marketing performance.

Additionally, your team will receive training and adoption support every step of the way so YOU gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to manage your HubSpot portal internally for the long-term, without the need for outside support.

Audit & Portal Cleanup

Over several years of use, your HubSpot portal can become quite overwhelming. Are you using all of the features you’re paying for? And how do you declutter without causing issues?

Most other HubSpot audits only focus on short-term fixes that fail to keep your portal well-maintained for the long-term. We’ll teach you the necessary skills to audit and optimize your portal on your terms.

  • Contacts
  • Imports
  • Lists
  • Mass Emails
  • Automated Emails
  • Open/Click Rate
  • Lost Contacts
  • Forms
  • Chatbots/Live Chat
  • Workflows
  • Landing Pages
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Ads
  • Deals
  • Activity and Tasks
  • Campaigns
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards

Once we identify your areas for improvement, we’ll teach best practices for data hygiene and ongoing maintenance. Plus, we’ll train your larger team on data collection best practices so you can avoid messy portals in the future.

Training Services

Group Training & Masterminds

In addition to one-on-one support, IMPACT’s approach to HubSpot coaching and training gives you access to regular group training sessions with other HubSpot admins. These mastermind sessions create a community connection to share best practices, provide insightful feedback, and offer shared troubleshooting when things go wrong.

HubSpot CRM Setup & Training

IMPACT provides a dedicated coach who helps you map your existing day-to-day processes to actions that can be easily logged and tracked within your CRM. In doing so, we’ll also identify areas for improvement or automation within your processes. Finally, we work with your team to determine a simple, unified approach that can be easily adopted by all.

Sales & Success Team Training

IMPACT is one of the only HubSpot Partners that provides personalized, hands-on training for your users. Through interactive discussions with built-in accountability and homework, your reps will learn how to use HubSpot the right way, driving meaningful adoption across your organization.

CMS Hub & Technology Services


We’ll help you replatform your website onto the HubSpot CMS Hub, mitigating all the risks and headaches associated with migrating a website. Once you’re on the CMS Hub, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase and install our HubSpot Website Theme/Template which will give you everything you need to build and improve your website on your own. We can also provide support and training before and after re-launching your website.

Website Design & Development

IMPACT offers a full suite of website design and development services. Launch your site faster with a more scalable, flexible foundation for you to build upon. After your site goes live, we’ll continue to train your team, as well as iterate and optimize your website, so you understand how to control and update it for the long term.

ChatSpot, AI Assistants & Other Cutting-Edge Tools

We stay on top of all product updates, regularly meet with HubSpot product managers to give them the feedback we hear from our clients and to understand what’s coming to the platform, participate in private betas, and test recently released tools. All of this to ensure you’ll never fall behind the curve.


What Does the Process Look Like?

Book a Call with a Coach

Start by talking to the experts upfront. By speaking with a HubSpot Coach, you’ll be able to ask the technical questions, and understand what it would be like to work with us before you sign on the dotted line.

Kickoff and Objective Setting

Once an agreement is signed, your HubSpot coach will schedule an initial HubSpot kickoff session where we’ll dive into your HubSpot portal and assess your long-term organizational goals and objectives. By incorporating elements of your long-term strategic vision, we make sure we’re building a platform that will work for your current team while laying the groundwork for future growth and adoption for years to come.

Hands-on Working Sessions & Training

Here, we’ll begin hands-on training with key stakeholders on your teams. An example of this might look like bi-weekly working sessions to configure your CRM for long-term success, mastermind sessions to learn how to leverage new automations, or weekly small group training sessions with cohorts of your sales/service reps.

Adjust Training to Meet Organizational Needs

At no point will you be locked into a rigid training roadmap. Our coaches and trainers know how to pivot to meet your current organizational needs, while ensuring that we’re working towards the organizational goals and objectives we established in Step 2.

Meet the Team

25+ Years of Combined HubSpot Experience

IMPACT’s team of HubSpot Certified Trainers have a long track record of training HubSpot clients on how to maximize their investment in the tool. With more than 25+ years of combined HubSpot experience, they’re fully certified and accredited to tackle any technical challenge or internal alignment struggle at your organization.

Our team of in-house experts regularly connect with go-to market strategists and product managers at HubSpot to provide feedback on their upcoming product roadmaps. The team has also been featured at INBOUND, and often collaborates with HubSpot Academy professors on new educational content to ensure that all HubSpot users have a chance to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the tool.


How Much Do Our HubSpot Training and Services Cost?

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How Much Do Our HubSpot Training and Services Cost?
HubSpot Training

Your cost will depend on your specific business requirements and the scale of your operations. Your project's size and scope will impact your program's total cost, but on average, you can expect to invest a minimum of $5,000 per month for stand-alone HubSpot coaching and training OR $10,000 per month when combined with our full They Ask, You Answer Mastery program.

Larger organizations, particularly those seeking hands-on training with a large team of sales/service reps, generally invest between $10,000 and $15,000 per month.

In addition to the monthly investment, there is a one-time, $5,000 commitment fee at the beginning of our engagement. This fee includes an IMPACT+ for Business membership. which gives your entire team access to a comprehensive suite of courses, training tools, and resources that will be used throughout your program.


HubSpot CMS and Custom Website Development

For custom website work, you’ll engage with our team of Web Strategists to create an easy-to-use website that better educates prospects and continuously drives results for your traffic, leads, and sales.

For HubSpot CMS + Custom Website development, a typical client will invest $50,000 to $120,000+ on the Website Mastery program over 8-12 months. This range includes your initial website strategy, design, and development, as well as your ongoing training and optimization for the 8-12 months you’re with our Website Mastery team.

“It really was a no-brainer.”

“The meeting cadence over time was really invaluable in terms of helping our folks think differently and how we approached HubSpot. We're building experiences that really resonate with our clients.”

Steve Mindrup, Senior Manager of Marketing, Schellman
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“You'll see a return on this, as long as you continue to be invested and present.”

“Since making the investment to be in HubSpot training, we've really been able to push our sales team and bring value to their roles. It's not just something they're doing because they have to do it; it's something that brings value to their conversations with clients.”

Isabelle Braeutigam, Marketing Manager, Custom Built Design & Remodeling
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“The value that we've seen from our training really comes well before, because we've been great partners with IMPACT for years.”

“When I had to modify the organization to create a new role, IMPACT was right there, and they continued to check in even after the training.”

Chris Garnett, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, PartnerMD
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Are We Right for You?

Is IMPACT the Right HubSpot Training & Services Solution for Us?

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Watch Are We Right For You

We quickly admit at IMPACT we’re not the right fit for every company that approaches us. In fact, if we feel there isn’t a match when our team talks with yours, we’ll be the first to let you know.

That being said, we're typically a good fit if you:

  • Want to master HubSpot in-house with your own team, and eliminate your dependence on an outsourced agency or contractor to do it for you.
  • Enjoy working with a coach that will hold you to a higher standard and push back when necessary.
  • Want your entire organization to embrace HubSpot, especially your sales team, and you’re willing to do the work to make this a reality.

Results & Success Stories

IT Company Learns to Track the Data That Matters

Schellman is a Florida-based company that offers IT compliance services.

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The team at Schellman already knew IMPACT. After all, it was IMPACT’s web design team that had built and launched their new website. This new site came with a slew of features to collect and analyze user data. And the Schellman team wanted to learn all they could.



The modern marketer is swimming in data. The hard part is paying attention to the right metrics so you can make better decisions. With IMPACT’s help, Schellman’s marketing and sales team started diving into advanced data reporting in HubSpot, utilizing the tools more than they ever had in the past.


Today, the team is empowered to track, analyze, and act on data that it collects itself. Instead of paying an agency to generate reports, they learned to generate the reports themselves. They can spot changes, anticipate trends, and update their site accordingly — all without having to call for agency experts.

Home Services Firm Gets Its Salespeople The Data They Need

Custom Built Design & Remodeling is a Michigan-based custom home remodeling contractor.

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Custom Built Design & Remodeling had been a HubSpot company for a while. Like a lot of other businesses, that meant they paid each month for a powerful tool — and then only used 10% of it. They knew there was more they could get out of HubSpot, but they didn’t know how.



The team’s first impressions of HubSpot training were resoundingly impressive. The trainings were fun, interactive, high-energy, and richly valuable. The goal was always the same: Train the Custom Built team so they became HubSpot experts, ready to implement what they learned — and also to explore and experiment on their own.


Today, HubSpot is the single source of truth at Custom Built. Marketers, sales reps, and company leaders can all use the portal to track the numbers that matter. When a buyer reaches out to the sales team, they can see exactly which pages that buyer has visited, making each sales conversation richer and more personalized.

IMPACT Helps Health Services Company Find Its Missing Piece

PartnerMD is a concierge health provider.

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The PartnerMD team knew that the HubSpot CRM was vital to the company’s growth, but it lacked an in-house expert who could help them get more out of the platform. This meant they weren’t getting all the data they could from HubSpot.


PartnerMD came to IMPACT with two questions: Can you help us find the right digital marketer to fit our team, and can you help train us all to be HubSpot experts? PartnerMD trusted IMPACT to understand their unique business.


In a short time, PartnerMD had the right person on board — and a training regimen to get the whole team up to speed on HubSpot. The new digital marketer was soon spotting issues early so the team could pivot and act. And with everyone learning together, HubSpot became the single source of truth for the whole company.

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  • Custom-Built

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How To Get Started

Take the First Step to HubSpot Mastery

If you feel like you’re ready to take the next step, schedule a free coaching session with one of our HubSpot experts today. Together, we’ll discuss the things standing in the way of your organization’s ability to maximize your investment with HubSpot.

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What to Expect On Your Call with an IMPACT Coach
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Courses & Additional Insights

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